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Create Fried Twinkies & Other Treats At Home

Your prayers have been answered. We are finally packaging the batters you need to create delicious fried treats at home. From deep fried Twinkies to fried green tomatoes or golden fried Oreos to a fried Snickers bar...if you can eat it you can fry it!

Customers who have had an opportunity to try our deep fried Twinkies, fried green tomatoes, and other tasty treats have all had one question, "Can I have the recipe for the batter?" The answer, a resounding..."No!" What? You don't expect us to give away our secrets, do you?

However, we have now made our  batters available to the public. Anyone can create a batter, but it takes many hours of effort to create a great recipe with a fantastic flavor.  After much trial and error we have perfected two frying batters: Batter for Sweet Treats (a.k.a. "Candy Bar Batter"), and our Veggie Batter .

These batters will allow you to fry just about anything (edible) under the sun. Whether you try the veggies and sweets such as the deep fried Twinkies, fried green tomatoes, fried Oreos, fried Snickers bar...or whether you choose to let your imagination run wild, our batters will allow you to successfully fry your creations.

Order now and your mouth will thank you later!